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A Quick go on Danny @2AM afterparty lee LOADS him up


Giving Danny a quick spunk up is what we have been doing around here! His one
SEXY FUCKKER – never met anyone so sexual – all my mates fuck him regularly –
The doors 🚪 almost of its hinges with the amount of lads ‘Doing Danny’
Drop dead sexy Danny takes it up the arse from EVERYONE
FILMED late at night 🌒when we went back to our pals house in the city of London
we were parting downstairs, and that turned into a 🍷 Afterparty form being out in
soho – late night – that lee was there (I think his names lee, don’t quote me on that,
might be Michal) – Big dick, loves his twinks and loves it 🅱 🅱.
He buries his tongue 👅 up our 18yr lads hole – Danny got these beautiful blond
curtains 👱 (hair cut) which makes him look so ’90’s boy band’ – REALLY attractive,
looks like a top model now