Austin CHAPTER 1: Dr. Wolf’s Office – Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf

Austin has had the same doctor for years. And even now that he’s an adult, he continues to go back to him multiple times a year. Dr. Wolf is handsome, friendly, and feels like more than just a stranger with a stethoscope. Standing at 6’6″, he towers nearly a foot and a half over Austin’s tiny body!

Dr. Wolf is happy to answer his questions and hear his concerns, but he can’t help finding the little guy incredibly attractive. He doesn’t want to breach his professional ethics, but when Austin asks to see his cock, he’s so turned and surprised that he can’t say no!

The two men get better acquainted as the doctor pulls out his massive cock, giving Austin a feel for its size and girth. As Austin takes this shaft into his mouth, Dr Wolf feels his cock grow bigger in his throat, thinking of how it will feel to see the little guy sheath his meat with his tight, smooth hole…


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