Austin CHAPTER 1: The Tailor – Austin L Young, Dallas Steele

Dallas is friendly and polite, but has a very straight-to-business manner. He’s quick to ask Austin to undress and ready himself to be measured. Austin feels a bit turned around, stunned from the man’s incredible attractiveness and height. And here he is now, stripping down in front of him!

Dallas can tell that the boy is affected by him. He can also tell that the young guy is a little nervous and getting aroused. As Austin comes out from behind the privacy divider, Dallas can see just how small he is all over. Small everywhere but his cock!

As Dallas wraps his measuring tape around his client, he’s amazed that Austin’s chest is smaller than his own waist! And his waist is almost as small as his thigh! As he writes down each number in his notes, he finds himself getting aroused by the reality of the boy’s size. Before he can get to his inseam, he can see the boy’s cock completely hard in his underwear!


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