Boy Cole CHAPTER 3: The Prize – Cole Blue, Damien Oaks

Master Oaks relishes in seeing the boy, Cole, service him. Even simple things like removing his socks and shoes and belt give him joy. After all, he can make Cole do whatever he wants, even the things he would normally do for himself with ease.

It’s not about the act, for him, but about the power. Who is in control and who is controlled. And after the auction, he has complete control of his slave.

Cole services him dutifully and expertly, sucking his cock just as he likes while Master Oaks sits back and relaxes. He’d happily sit there and blow his load, but he’d rather feel Cole’s tight hole milk out his seed again.

Cole gets up onto Master Oaks’ hard, wet cock, sliding inside him so he can take the older man’s deep, intense pounding. Oaks knows he can do whatever he wants with him, and that makes it all the hotter.



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