Boy’s First Time TAPE 2: Breeding Your Boy – Cole Blue

Cole rests his head on the older man’s shoulder, playing with his chest through his open robe. Mr. Houser’s broad torso and soft, silver hairs give the boy’s hands plenty to explore while seeking the daddy’s attention.

Mr. Houser soon finds himself more than a little distracted by Cole’s subtle advances, feeling his hard cock press against his leg as his hands work their way further down his body.

Mr. Houser spreads his legs apart to give his boy the go-ahead to play with his cock, inviting him to take it out of his jock strap and give it a taste. As Cole’s mouth wraps around his cock, getting it wet and warm from his tongue, Mr. Houser’s thoughts return to the boy’s perfect, athletic ass. He fingers his hole, feeling it still a little tender from before.

It might be hard, but he knows he needs to feel himself inside his beautiful young man again. It can’t be helped – he has to seed him once more!


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