Breeding My Boy’s Little Hole TAPE 4: Breeding Your Boy

Mr. Landon sits reading his book while Ian plays video games on the floor. Peaceful, quiet time is needed on a vacation and these two have done nothing but fuck since they got there!

Attempting to take a break proves fruitless as Ian’s sex drive is absolutely insatiable. He can’t simply sit by and see his old man’s cock presented so beautifully in his jockstrap without sneaking a taste.

Mr. Landon loves getting his cock sucked, giving his boy a chance to service him while he sits back and relaxes.

Ian, however, wants more than just a mouthful of daddy dick. When he goes back to his game, Mr. Landon doubles down, enticed by the boy’s smooth hole. He slides his wet cock between the boy’s cheeks, fucking him raw on the shag carpet!


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