Czech Hunter 460

0023_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460
I was hunting on the outskirts again today and met a really cool looking dude. He was a bit small but had a nicely beefed-up body. The boy came from Slovakia to visit his girlfriend. Man, that’s some serious dedication. It must be a true love… or he was just super horny and week of non-stop fucking her brains out was way too tempting. Well, to get to her he got to go through me first because I was even hornier. The guy was a factory worker so money was tight. He liked the little part-time job I offered him. Maybe he wanted to take his girl for an expensive night out and my money would help. I totally destroyed his virgin ass and milked his balls dry. I hope the girlfriend wasn’t too disappointed when he finally showed up. No sex for you tonight, baby! I got to your lovely boyfriend first.
0020_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0021_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0022_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0028_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0030_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0031_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0032_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0033_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0034_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0035_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

0036_09-04-2019-1024x576 Czech Hunter 460

CHunter Czech Hunter 460


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