Daddy’s Little Boy TAPE #3: Doctors Visit – Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf

Mr. Armstrong has seen Austin go through a lot, including taking his virginity. He’s proud of his boy and turned on by him, but knows that it’s wrong for him to take advantage of his hungry sex drive. Following Austin’s arousing, invasive exam, Mr. Armstrong seeks the advice of their physician, Dr. Wolf.

He opens up to him, telling him all about their intense, sexual activities; seeking some guidance about what to do. To his surprise, Dr. Wolf is only turned on by what he hears, even offering to witness it for himself. Mr. Armstrong gets hard just thinking of his boy being bred by another man, and who can he trust more than their own doctor?

Austin’s brought back into the exam room for a deeper inspection. Dr. Wolf opens up his hole, slides in his massive cock, and leaves him with a thick, creamy load deep inside – all while Mr. Armstrong watches on!


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