Darriq & Espen Serviced

After busting two nuts the night before, Darriq was still eager to play with a dude.

Darriq has not had a lot of experiences with guys. He has only been with a couple guys, but it sounds like he has done everything with them.

His favorite thing to do is suck dick, and with Espen’s big cock, I knew Darriq would zero in and start servicing him.

Darriq sucks enthusiastically but Espen’s cock is pretty big for a newbie. Still, Espen is actually used to guys and girls focusing on his head, and he cums easily from the technique Darriq was using.

After focusing on Espen’s cock, Darriq laid back and let Espen suck him. He was pretty soft after spending so much time trying to wedge Espen’s cock into his mouth, so Espen worked busily to get Darriq hard.

He works his cock until he is hard and Darriq relaxed with confidence.

Espen actually volunteered for a facial, finally getting over some of his limits. Darriq drops a load onto his face. Espen ramps up and neatly times his cum shot with Darriq’s.


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