Evan Ryker, Jake Olsen, Gregor Gilead

People have all kinds of ideas about what constitutes the perfect kind of wake-up call, but whether you would normally answer breakfast in bed or a strong coffee while walking the dog, you’ll have to admit that this kind of horny encounter beats every other option hands-down. Cute twink Gregor has been snoozing on the couch in nothing but a t-shirt and some sexy tight rainbow undies showing off his impressive bulge, it’s no wonder handsome lad Evan and his hung friend Jake are so easily enticed. Within moments twunk boy Evan has his gorgeous cock out, slapping his boner in the boy’s face while Jake focuses on the lad’s quickly throbbing bulge. We have no idea what the boy was dreaming of to make his dick grow like that before they got there but it can’t have been hotter than the sight of him feasting on fit Evan’s meaty tool while his own is slurped by Jake. The two are eager to share him between them, getting naked and swapping boners. Even straight boy Evan can’t help but get a taste of Gregor’s leaking tool when he gets the chance, but he’s soon turning his attention to the boy’s tight little hole, easing his awesome length between those smooth cheeks and filling him up with his raw inches. It goes without saying that this greedy lad can handle big dicks, he’s soon giving young Jake a turn in his snug chute while Evan enjoys another round of dick licking and helmet sucking from their submissive bottom. Gregor is in heaven as he slides his cock down to take another ride on Evan’s tool, with Jake ready with his own boner to feed him again before the two swap once more for a final thrusting. On his back with Jake in his hole and Evan wanking off in his face he’s close to cumming, but it’s the sight, feel and smell of handsome Evan splashing his load out and giving the boy a taste that finally pushes him over the edge, making his dick spew cream over himself. With two loads glistening over his torso and dripping down his chin Gregor takes one final splash, the thick load erupting from Jake’s massive cock head as he slaps his bell end against the boy’s spent balls. I guess Gregor will be taking more naps on the couch in future if this is how his friends will be waking him up.


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