Fuck Yo X-Ray

Freakin’ newbie Mikey sprained his elbow on the mat and coach makes me take ’em to the medic. I coulda been in my dorm studying or jackin’ off but, since the coach’s new mantra is team bonding I hada go with ’em. I’d heard rumors that he was curious and had straying eyes in the locker room so I was gonna see if those rumors were right. I easily convinced him that if he sucked my dick I’d suck his. This kid had some skills yo cause he blew me better than any chick or dude that went down on me. To test him even further I stuck a finger up his ass and he kinda liked it. So what the fuck, might as well bury my dick deep in his tight hole. That shit was so tight I had to struggle to get it in but once I got it in..it was the tightest piece of ass I ever fucked! I think after this we’re gonna be great friends.

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