Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_01_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star
When we first met our last discovery from Latin America, Hugo Exxtreme, far from impressed we were shocked looking the 10 inches of meat that he got between his legs! That is likely the same sensation that supersexy power bottom Andy Star, back with us after few weeks, feels when he meets Hugo: what’s better that a newcomer mate with a real monster cock for his return! Is quite hard for Andy to swallow Hugo’s thick black mamba until the last inch, but as the skilled pro-sucker he is, he works the entirety of the rod, including the big balls. After a long sucking session Star lays on the bed doggy-style, requiring attention for his restless asshole. Hugo concentrates himself on Andy’s request and after only few licks the hole is wet and ready to be plowed. He sticks his giant raw dick down to the balls and shakes Star as if there’s no tomorrow. With his hole destroyed, our Brazilian bottom jets out a big load while riding Hugo XXL shaft and then the Latin newbie reaches Andy’s pretty face to fill his mouth with thick hot sperm!
Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_14_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_13_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_34_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_09_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_07_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_26_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_03_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_21_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_31_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_30_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

Fuckermate_Hugo_Exxtreme_and_Andy_Star_by_Mano_Martinez_06_09-13-2019-1024x683 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

fuckermate_02-17-2018 Hugo Exxtreme and Andy Star

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