HungYoungBrit – David is back and covered in cum!

Crazy low-class / low standards Dirty boy David can’t get enough cum –
💥 Proper over the top cum in the mouth facials
His SOOOO fucking sexual- he was messaging me for ages asking if I got some lads for him to fuck on film (remember him from quite a few vids back? ) he was the one that had the beautiful bf with the massive dick called Xapier
This Mad crazy cum loving whore David begs for ANYONE and EVERYONE to cum off load in his face 🤤 over his Tongue and in his mouth so he can swallow
He came to mine begging to take me on as a challenge to see who could get as many dicks out as possible and let them blow there spunk – he knows exactly how to try and get me going the little Shit LO
This fucking beautiful yet naughty boy sucks off ALL dicks put his way 🆘
He can make you cum just by sucking alone- if you see him out n about just go up to him and ask his his thirsty and he will immediately jump on his knees
His insists on Getting ever last drop 💧 so he can gulp in down
💯 % REAL guys having REAL sex xx George


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