HungYoungBrit – Max Fucked Raw

Max knew criss was on his way over (remember they met after the prowler awards at the pig party) – well this time his brought his fucking dirty piggy 🐷 mate with him- this guy is filthy AS fuck!
They are obviously proper Method up fuck heads who just need to dump 💦 real quick
Max is held hostage whilst these two hot crack whores are let loose on him ❗
At the end they make him lay face down on the bed and both the dirty fuckers rub one out over his bum then shoot it right over his arse and push it in the fuck him with it,
These Parted up 💊 hot crack head whores let are just loose 2 use on him
Aarons filming it and doesn’t give Shit that he brought his mate, in fact it turns him on BIG TIME
Arron the dirty cunt takes advantage of the situation too and gets his nob out and spunk’s his cum in Max’s open gob
They leave him fucked to death and dripping🤤


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