Introducing Kieran Tate – Travis Stevens, Kieran Tate

0p_11-05-2019 Introducing Kieran Tate - Travis Stevens, Kieran Tate
Beautiful, blue eyed, clean-cut Kieran Tate is the finest, freshest, new edition to the Helix family. Texas born, Travis Stevens dives deep into the gorgeous, green, newbie, asking every erotic query you’re curious about, then, drilling even deeper,to give him a wide open welcome. The two muscle twunk’s tongues intertwine. Then, Tate puts his to work waxing Travis’ tall taliwacker. After the five star, first impression, the naughty newbie’s neither regions get a gold star suck job from pretty boy Stevens. He bathes the boy’s hog, and hole, heating him up with tongue swirling, suck skills. After opening Tate’s tight tunnel, Travis breaks his hole in with a bareback bone thrusting that has the hottie biting the bedding. Top twunk has his beautiful bottom in complete control with a hand around his throat, and a dick deep in his ass. Then, he turns him over and enters that fresh, new, fuck hole once again. He hits it HARD; but our boy’s no quitter, he tells Travis to amp it up even more! Stevens speeds up the slam, smashing the sexed up slut’s seat till he busts, and covers his creamy complexion with fresh cum! Travis doesn’t take it easy either. He hammers hog hard, punishing his pretty, new pet till his piece christens Kieran with cock cream.

helix Introducing Kieran Tate - Travis Stevens, Kieran Tate

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