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Legrand Wolf, Danny Wilcoxx – CHAPTER 3 – Slave Boy


Danny’s belonged to me for some time now. Our bond is strong. We are sexually compatible in an almost profound way. We are carnally addicted to each other.

Naturally, he remains caged most of the time, staring out at me with those irresistibly obedient eyes. I probably let him out to play far more often than is good for him.

He responds so well to my touch. The moment my fingers make contact with his smooth, porcelain-like skin, he seems to enter a sort of ecstatic trance.

He certainly knows how to pleasure me orally. He savors my dick with every one of his senses, obeying my commands while peering up at me longingly with those huge, deep blue eyes.

I sit on the ottoman and part my legs. He stands, turns his back and then, so tentatively, pushes himself onto my dick… and at that moment we’re locked together. The sensation of pure, beautiful, unadulterated pleasure rises through my body.