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Legrand Wolf, Tom Bentley – Dr. Wolf’s Kitchen


Dr. Wolf and Tom have a long, shared history. They’re a pair of guys who fit together perfectly like two well-cut jigsaw pieces. Dr. Wolf likes pint-sized boys and Tom likes giants. They’re a match made in heaven.

They regularly spend the night together at Dr. Wolf’s beautiful home in the country. Yesterday morning, Tom woke up in the doctor’s arms, and, as usual, got dress and made his way down to the kitchen to scavenge for food.

Bleary-eyed, Dr. Wolf followed him down and found Tom standing at the sink, shirt off, ass sticking out like a ripe peach in his pants. Within seconds, they were kissing insatiably, hard as hell and ready for another round!

Tom unzipped the doctor’s pants and coaxed his rock solid dick out of his tight underwear. The gesture was immediately reciprocated. Both men were soon naked and highly aroused.