Midsemester Nights Dream CHAPTER 5: Peculiar Traditions – Kyle Evans, Peter Pounder

Matthew is still struggling to find balance with his new life in MIDSEMESTER NIGHTS DREAM. These changes are unpredictable, but he doesn’t want them to stop him from doing what he loves. A simple evening out with Charlie should have been the stuff of dreams, but devolves quickly into a nightmare scenario.

In CHAPTER 5: : Peculiar Traditions, Charlie tries to help Matthew through an unexpected shape shift by running into the forest to seek out answers and help.

Even though he’d been told several times that such a trip would be dangerous, Charlie will do whatever it takes to bring his young lover peace of mind. When Matthew chases after him, he finds Charlie caught in the grip of a strange plant scylla, enticing him and luring him deeper into its trap.

Matthew watches as Charlie is stripped and teased, surprisingly turned on by the unexpected discovery, eager to see how Matthew responds to this otherworldly creature.


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