Midsemester Nights Dream CHAPTER 6: Beast with Two Backs – Kyle Evans, Peter Pounder

As MIDSEMESTER NIGHTS DREAM continues, Matthew finds himself an unexpected position when he must shepard Charlie out of the woods and into the safety and warmth of their bed. Things might seem to be a return to normal, until Matthew’s lover undergoes his own incredible change.

In CHAPTER 6: Beast with Two Backs, Matthew helps Charlie escape the grip of the scylla’s invasive arms. The two young men run through the campus forest, making their way back to the familiar paths and halls of the college, happy to be back in their safe space.

While their evening did not go the way they planned, in the end, they’re back in each other’s arms, feeling intense love and compassion for what the other has gone through.

While everything appears to be back to normal, Charlie feels his body shifting and changing in new and terrifying ways. Luckily, Matthew is there in bed with him, ready to help him through his stunning discovery.


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