SMASH-AND-GRAB – Ale Tedesco, Ives – TimFuck


ALE TEDESCO (Italy) & IVES (Belgium) are in a leather bar tweaking each other’s nipples hard. Ives presents his hole for Ale’s inspection. Ives sucks Ale’s cock hard. They then move to the back room where a sling is waiting to give Ale full access to Ives’ hole.

This is a true SMASH-AND-GRAB. Ives is in the sling and Ale mounts the hole clobbering it with his fat uncut cock. Ale slams away and starts to do target practice – pulling all the way out and thumping his cock back in.

Ale remarks how hot it is inside the hole and is quickly having trouble keeping himself from cumming. Ale’s balls tighten and he continues to beat up the cunt and then cannot hold back from shooting his load. Ale dumps his seed and then felches it up and feeds it to Ives. He walks away leaving Ives in the sling for the next guy.