TAPE 4: Don’t Want to Go to School – Austin L Young

Austin is enjoying a pleasant, deep sleep when his old man comes into his room to wake him up to start his day. Austin wants nothing more than to stay in bed a little longer, especially if he can tempt his old man to join him.

Mr. Armstrong yields, thinking he can stand to be a little late in his morning to get a load out in his insatiable boy. He pulls out his cock, giving Austin the chance to stroke it as it gets harder and harder in his hand.

Mr. Armstrong slides a wet finger in his hole, getting it warmed and ready for his thick cock. Austin barely needs more than the sight of his old man’s member to get him ready, thoroughly devoted to taking his load as often as possible!

Mr. Armstrong lays back on his boy’s tiny bed, watching with delight as Austin mounts his cock and takes his raw piece deep in his hole. Austin moves down each inch with ease, tightening his hole as he gets closer to the older man’s heavy testicles; not stopping until they press up against his ass.

His old man tries to takes it easy for a moment, but within a couple passionate pumps, he cannot hold back from aggressively fucking his sweet bottom boy!


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