The Doctor’s Son – Unwrapping My Boy’s Package

Dr. Wolf could see the boy shaking, not sure whether it was the cold air or nerves. Either way, he brought the boy in close and held him tightly. He whispered to him that it was okay and that he was there for him — a sentiment that made Luke’s heart swell. He knew why they were there and how special it was.

As soon as they got inside, their lips met, charged with a palpable sexual energy that was only exacerbated by the long walk to the hidden cabin. He placed the boy on a chair, pulling down his pants slightly to exposed his tight hole, lifting his legs upright. Dr. Wolf was ravenous, feeling up the boy’s cock and balls, while placing his thumb on Luke’s hole.

Dr. Wolf wants to take his time and make the moment last, but his own desires are too strong! He slides himself between Luke’s cheeks, and with a gentle push, he punctures the boy’s virgin hole, feeling him tremble as he moves his way in inch by inch.


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