The Kid CHAPTER 4: Therianthropy – Bishop Angus, Nathan

THE KID continues as Nathan is brought into the deep cave of the old gods. The satyrs care for their captive boy, feeding him their magical cum, and continuing his transformation from mere mortal to something more.

In Chapter 4, Therianthropy Nathan feels the first signs of his change beyond that of a Promethean. His body is full of a powerful energy, coursing through his veins and his charging his flesh, making him ravenous for cock.

The satyrs see their work progressing, bringing their young guest from the life of a mortal to that of a young satyr himself. But before he can make his final transformation, he must be brought to the cave of the centaurs, deep down in the earth, to be placed on their altar and bred by their massive cocks.

As Nathan is fucked and filled again and again, he’s bathed in their cum, feeling their power penetrate his flesh and change him forever.


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