The Monster CHAPTER 2: Hierophant of Min – Cole Blue

This week on Growlboys, the tale of THE MONSTER continues as Cole finds himself at the mercy of strangers. Thrown out of his home and abandoned by his boyfriend, he finds comfort in an unexpected source, opening himself to a new level of vulnerability.

Cole is still confused by the events of the woods as he wakes up in his bed the next day. When his boyfriend pressed him to come out to his parents, Cole knows he has no choice but to be brave and speak the words he’d hoped to never say.

Upon their rejection, he desperately tries to turn to his boyfriend, only to find him unexpectedly disconnected. CHAPTER 2: Hierophant of Min brings Cole to a new, terrifying low, giving him no choice but to accept the hospitality of a mysterious stranger.

Cole has no idea about the true nature of his generous host, or the secrets he keeps in the depths of his home.


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