TransCest – All to Myself – Asher James, Reese Rideout

Sitting on my bed as my son gazes across the room at me with those big beautiful eyes, I feel the desire to have him all to myself overtake me. I lean forward for a kiss.

I strip both of us naked and we lose ourselves in the strength of our bond as daddy and son. I rip my pants off to give myself some relief and watch my son’s eyes light up seeing my big boner wave at him.

My son slurps on my cock like it was the best thing he had ever tasted, deepthroating me as though it came as second nature to him. Seeing his boypussy lips before me awakened an animalistic hunger; I spread his bonus hole open with my strong fingers and my tongue explored Asher’s pretty pink entrance.

He collapses onto the bed in downward-dog and I encourage him to gaze at himself in the mirror at the end of the bed while getting pounded. Asher’s eyes roll back in his head as he sees the image of his muscular dad thrusting with all of his might.

The most satisfying thing about how strong our bond has become is that I can almost always make my son orgasm while my cock throbs inside him. Not only that, but he is such a trooper he’ll continue to let me ride him until I blow my load too. There truly is nothing like having my son all to myself!


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