Twink’s Game – Ethan Duval. Arthur Dulac

Arthur and Ethan get to know each other through a naughty game of dice, the one who makes the smallest number has to take off an item of clothing. If Arthur is initially a little shy, he will quickly get caught up in the game and exchanges of glances between the two boys say a lot about their intentions.

The two twinks are now in underwear and it’s the ultimate roll of dice before getting naked. Ethan is delighted to lose the game and Arthur seems fascinated by this beautiful hairless body. Ethan takes Arthur’s hand and puts it on his thigh then they kiss and start jerking each other before sucking in turn. The two cocks are hard and Ethan starts to eat the balls of Arthur who’s moaning with pleasure.

More and more excited Arthur turns Ethan on his back and plunges his tongue into his tight little hole that opens gradually. Arthur will then fuck Ethan on all fours on the couch. Ethan whines loudly and Arthur sends all his energy to satisfy the insatiable twink.

The roles are then reversed and it’s Ethan who will fuck the tight little ass of Arthur. Topping for the first time Ethan is doing pretty well and seems to take a real pleasure in dominating his young partner.

Arthur will end up cumming in the mouth of Ethan who enjoys his hot sperm and Arthur will then take a nice squirt on the belly and cock.


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