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Unedited Rough RAW footage ‘after’ pride Fuck Party PART 2


REAL, Unedited Rough, Raw footage of us partying up in Manchester
Inviting more and more guys over in REAL TIME

We are releasing this in the hope you will come to the next one:)
Guys wanted for crazy sex parties at prides and around major gay events –
Over 18’s 🔞 only – ID required! –
🐷 Heavy cummer’s
🐷 Pre-cum leakers
🐷 Sleazy guys
Get a VIP invite. LOL
🐽 Wait till you see the our new mates – we have never filmed such hot guys –
We thought by making this videos people would be put off meeting us but its the complete
opposite !! They all wanna get filthy with us on cam too
We always have NEW and REALLY open minded lads with us
FYI – on a serious note – I know we act like a bunch of loud mouth yobs (and we kinda are TBF)
BUT we are really 😃 friendly, never rude and definitely 💯 % not arrogant and have No attitude
This footage is over 2 hrs long we we have to upload it in two parts
We really wanna give you an invite to how much fun your missing out on by not
attending HAHA