Winner of GRABBYS Europe Awards 2022 – Best Feature-Length Movie!!! Part 2


Blindfolded lad 🚪 open 🅱 🅱 guys from📱 getting shagged up the arse
I had passed out 😵 at this point
Way too much going on to describe!
The later it got the more mad it all become
….Now it’s time for The 3rd unknown beautiful STUNNER we met up there
His mancounion – for any Americans that means someone from Manchester and
that’s where all the FitLadz live in England.
After having his trackies pulled down and arse wetted up ready to take it raw with
no lube , josh ponds his arse whilst that hung sexy TOP is waiting for him as well!
I didn’t think he was up 4 it cos his just on his 📱most the time by turns out his
dead keen
That HUNG top is up all them boys arses- His had everyone there!! his well into
his twinks & it shows….SOSO HORNY
OMG- you wanna see this boys bum, he was only 18yr but very confident. His
arse is blumpy and perfect, when josh push’s his legs in the air everyone rush’s
over to fucking poke it in him-
I love that all these lads don’t give a shit about condoms and wanna feel cock skin
sliding inside them- turns me on SO SO much
(I use to be Mr condom back in the day you know! Seriously, but now the world
has changed we just wanna make up for all them dirty 🅱 🅱 fantasies that
couldn’t be done before)
Outta nowhere the HOTTEST Top EVER comes over – about 23 years old his
proper Fucking handsome guys!