BeefCakeHunter – Another edging session with Jason

Another edging session with Jason was a must before he left town for who knows how long. I didn’t plan to edge him; I wanted to have him fuck me in as many positions as he could, but like in his humble beginnings at BeefCakeHunter Land, Beefcake Jason was on edge most of the time; I was lucky to ride him well for several minutes but not without making him nut twice! Yes, Hunters, we got two nuts from this sexy man!

By the way, the conversation started, I knew he was a little too excited, so after joking with him, reminding him how much we love him here at BCH, and caressing his package, I offered him a massage, which he gladly accepted, and OMG, what a moment, that soft, warm and hairy upper part of his body made me want more than massage him, so I dared to kiss his neck, it was very hot moment. Then I got on my knees to be in between those thick and hairy legs to take his underwear off and start enjoying his cock. How many good memories with him came to my mind 🙂

Then Another edging session with Jason began, it was evident on his face, but I couldn’t help it; I needed to suck that cock as much as I wanted, but I knew I should cut the blowing session short, somehow Jason managed not to cum, until he begs me to start the anal part, once he was all spread out on the bed, where the vision of his lean, long and hairy body is a feast.

Not taking into consideration he was on edge, I rode him well, and by his expressions, his cock was having a good time inside my tight hole, lol, but this time he couldn’t hold it anymore and cum while keeping pumping me. At first, I was not sure he cum, but then as you guys can see, the condom was full. We waited some time, I will not say how long, lol, but I rode him again. This time the riding was more extended, and there were some compelling and dominant moments when Jason took some control of the situation, which was hot, but then he cum for the second time. Again, he kept pumping me, and he even asked me not to stop…yeah Beefcake Jason loves some post-orgasm torturing 😉

Of course, he didn’t cum much the second time around, but I was so grateful to him for always doing his best to please his fans that I felt like hugging him. He ended up almost breathless, but he knew I was happy for the session, and he seemed delighted, too. I am going to miss him when he is gone again, but he promised me to stay in touch. I hope you guys enjoy this video Another edging session with Jason.


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