BeefCakeHunter – Brod – Anal

BBC Brod pounded me has got to be the first anal video of the decade at BeefCakeHunter Land! What do you think Hunters? 😉

A long time waited and requested session since last year, is finally here. Beefcake Brod is sexy as fuck and the best way to appreciate that is by making him strip up for us a bit, before I fall surrended to my knees and feed myself with sucking a beautiful big black cock… hmm.

Brod was rock hard since he was touching himself, his hardness drove me crazy and I couldn’t help myself to moan and try to enjoy his cock in every possible way. Besides, he surprised me a bit when he started getting a little verbal, but I think I unleashed his wild side when I asked him to call me names. He loves that I deep throat him and he even face fucked me now and then.

I could be right there on my knees forever and he seemed not to cum anytime soon, but I had to make BBC Brod pounded me. So, we moved to the couch where I sucked him some more before putting on him the condom.

It was not planned but I decided to ride him, and he was fine with that. He is a tall man and the BCH couch is not that big, so I had a little bit of a trouble trying to accommodate my “tight” man-pussy to his tool lol, but once I gave him more control, everything ran smoothly!

After a long ride on that BBC, I got on my fours, and let him pound me away, it was delicious! But I noticed he was having difficulties accommodating his cock, like I said he is so tall, so I moved up a little bit, but he never lost stamina, and his pounding game was on point.

Beefcake Brod’s body is amazing and you can see it in all his glory in the next fucking position, I love his face expressions while fucking me and his willingness to please me, you can see that throughout this session.

This time around it seems like I could have sucked him and he pounded me for hours, but I decided to make the grand finale by make him stand up and finishing himself while… well I still enjoyed his sexiness: sucking his balls and touching his body. He knew it I wanted that load in my mouth and courteously let me know when he was about to cum… I opened my mouth and the rest is history.

I hope you guys enjoy the first fuck video of the decade at BCH Land: BBC Brod pounded me.


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