BentleyRace – Byron Atwood, Beau Jackson

Recently I got two of my favourite mates over to the studio for their first shoot together. Both Byron Atwood and Beau Jackson have appeared in a bunch of shoots with our mates over the past year, but this is their first time meeting each other. When I suggested to Beau that he might like to meet Byron, he was really excited. Byron is absolutely adorable, full of energy and loves meeting the other guys. Right from the outset they were getting along really well as they helped each other pick out the clothes and sneakers they were going to wear in the shoot. In the studio things got hot pretty quickly as they started kissing and rubbing each other’s crotches. Beau quickly got Byron’s shorts down for a look at his perfect bottom. Then Byron was pulling out Beau’s fat cock and getting it deep down his throat. But of course this was just the foreplay to making a video. After carrying Byron in over his shoulder Beau proceeds to pull Byron’s clothes off. I love how much they are into each other. They definitely weren’t going to stop until they had gotten each other off. This was such a fun shoot. I’m looking forward to getting Byron and Beau into more shoots during this long hot summer in Australia.

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