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Blackmail 2 – Kit Cohen, Leo Bacchus


Kit Cohen’s work laptop has been hacked. The hacker knows what he did last weekend (fucked the boss’s son) and has video proof. With the blackmail threat of exposing his debauchery and losing his job, the hacker wants something in exchange for his silence.

Enter Leo Bacchus, the office network administrator, and hacker! Leo makes it clear that there is only one way for Kit to save his job – and that’s to get down to real “business” right there and now.

With no choice but to accept the terms, Leo gets on his knees and begins to suck Kit’s big cock and then is bent over the desk for a deep dicking. Leo confesses that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time… he just needed the right leverage!

But Leo wants more.. switching with Kit, sucking, and then fucking his tight hole. This is the reward Leo’s been seeking and he wants to end it by riding Kit again until he cums while riding his cock.

The blackmail’s been paid with a sleazy office flip-flop fuck session and the hacker promises Kit can keep his job. But has the debt really been paid in FULL?
31 Mar