BoyForSale – Serg Shepard Chapter 4 The Auction


I first met Boy Serg at Master Legrand’s house. My fellow Master was hosting a small dinner party, to which I was invited, followed by some playtime. He eventually took me back to his bedroom to share his slave with me. Master Legrand was very proud of him and, after we put him to use, I could see why. Boy Serg is perfect in every possible way. Afterwards, I couldn’t get him out of my head.

I told myself that I had to have him. I knew Master Legrand wouldn’t keep him forever. Even a slave as exquisite as Boy Serg would only hold his attention for so long. I expected to wait for more than six months, though. Master Legrand had enough money that he doesn’t have to care how much his boys cost and, being one of the founders, nothing at the auction house escaped his attention.

I can only think that some new recruit has entered the stable for training. While private trades and sales happen, everyone must be notified and a ‘Change of Title” fee paid. However, the rules are that any new boy must be publicly auctioned first. Nobody, not even Master Legrand can “jump the line” and grab a boy before he goes on the block. Legrand is getting ready to pounce on his new prize. So am I.

Seeing Boy Serg on the block brought on a flush of desire that almost blurred my vision. A Master should not allow himself to feel that much for a Slaveboy, but I couldn’t help myself. He’s just everything I want! The bidding began and Master Patrick picked up a bottle and drizzled oil down The Boy’s chest, making the perfectly sculpted muscles shine in the glare of the spotlight. The Boy trembled, so of course I sighed and pressed the button on the clicker in my hand. Boy Serg is anything but a virgin so it is up to Patrick’s discretion what he wants to do to display the Slaveboy on the block, following any orders he’s been given by the (soon to be) former owner, of course.

Master Patrick progressed to fingering Boy Serg’s beautiful hole and my mind flashed back to the sensation of my own fingers toying with that gateway to paradise. My cock was hard as steel and leaking into my shorts. When Master Patrick started to unbuckle his own pants, I knew what was coming next. As I sat there watching his dick sink in between those two perfect mounds of muscle my breath quickened. I almost wanted to shoot without even touching myself, but I was also shocked to feel my face flush with anger.

I have nothing against Master Patrick, but I was suddenly overcome with a powerful wave of jealousy. I wanted to jump up on the stage and shove him away. That would, of course, get me summarily expelled. All I could do was watch, while my trembling fingers pressed the clicker in my hand sending the price higher and higher. Fortunately, he pulled out before he came in my Boy.

Moments later, the auction was over and Boy Serg was mine! I didn’t even look at the final price as I strode onto the stage to claim my prize. I reached out to touch him, his skin so velvet soft, his muscles so strong, and yet, his eyes submissive, almost shy. His straight perfect cock was hard with desire for me.

I ordered him on to his knees and lowered my trousers to bare my cock, which he immediately began to suck without needing to be told. If anything, he has gained even more skill under Master Legrand’s training. I took his head in my hands and fucked his face forcefully. He grunted but he didn’t choke. I stroked his back and perfect ass as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm. He wouldn’t taste this load, though, unless it was in the back of his throat.

I rolled The Boy onto his back and slowly thrust into his hole. Hearing him gasp and moan made me feel like the most powerful man on the planet. I fucked him slowly and deliberately. My cock is no match for Master Legrand’s, but it’s not small by any means. I kept my eyes locked with his, not letting him forget who owned him now. I thrust deep into him, over and over. He would learn to love my cock. I would teach him to live for it.

Unfortunately, no fuck can last forever, but this one didn’t need to. I have all the time in the world. It was time to breed my Boy and make his hole mine. I rolled him onto his knees and grabbed his shoulders for leverage as I pounded into him hard, growling my passion, and he cried out while being taken. My balls finally exploded, shooting my seed deep into his body. When I walked away, I left him lying there limp, moaning quietly, his body soaked in sweat, my cum running out of his fucked open hole, barely able raise his head up off of the block. We both know he belongs to me now.


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