BrotherCrush – Amone Bane, Dakota Lovell – Prankin Gets A Spankin

Amone is constantly pranking his stepbrother, Dakota. Amone likes to hide in inconspicuous places and jump out to scare Dakota. He gets it all on camera, too, which only irks Dakota even more. So Dakota decides to have a little fun of his own. He hides himself under some blankets in Amone’s bedroom and waits. Amone enters the bedroom and, thinking he’s alone, starts jerking off on his bed. Right before Amone busts his load, Dakota pops out and scares him. Amone is upset because now he’ll have blue balls, but Dakota eases his stepbrother’s pent-up tension by sucking his cock. The fun doesn’t stop there, as Dakota gives up his sweet tight hole for Amone to fuck to his heart’s content.


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