CockyBoys – Jack Aries and Hunter

Jack Aries returns, doling out his brand of passionate domination to Hunter–who’s totally into getting it. Hunter is eager to please, going from making out with Jack to servicing every inch of his cock and getting his mouth used. Jack is just as revved up to take charge, smacking Hunter’s ass, eating him out and using his fingers to open him up for a hard fucking.

Jack truly enjoys pounding Hunter and he’s even more excited to hear his moans and see that his ass drilling is making Hunter hard. As a giving top, Jack takes the time to suck Hunter and double his pleasure by fingering him at the same time. Hunter’s hole needs more and without much prodding, he plops himself on the bed to get finished off.

Jack smacks his ass, fingers and eats him out, then drills Hunter not holding back knowing this is how he likes it. The same goes as he flips Hunter and pounds him on his back. Soon, he hits his mark and fucks a load out of Hunter who’s barely stroking himself. Jack keeps plowing but then pulls out to give Hunter such a huge facial it leaves both of them speechless. Who will we able to top this in 2024?


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