CockyBoys – Seth Cain, Trevor Brooks

You’ll get to know a little more about Seth Cain in his second CockyBoys scene, but it’s Trevor Brooks who really gets to know him. Seth likes to give up control and Trevor makes it easy by giving him a blow job that pushes all his buttons and makes Seth want to give him his best cocksucking too. What Trevor really wants though is to taste Seth’s hole.

Of course, eating our Seth’s hole just isn’t enough and since he’s already bent over Trevor slides into him and fucks him deep. The hint of romantic chemistry between the guys is more evident when Trevor wraps Seth in his arms and kisses him and takes him to bed for even more passionate making out. Seth’s mouth though moves on to slobber over Trevor’s cock and once it’s all slicked up, he sits on it.

Seth loves bottoming and is fired up to show it as he rides Trevor every which way and takes his cock thrusts with sensual moans. Trevor decides to fuck Seth on his back and the verse top takes charge, eventually drilling him sideways and pulling out to glaze Seth’s hole and slip his cock back in. Trevor also makes sure to finger Seth until he shoots a big load. They share some of it and seal their hot scene with a kiss.


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