FTMMen – Jesse Diamond and Sean Duran Chapter 6


I first met ultra-masculine trans powerhouse Jesse Diamond a few weeks ago at the local bodybuilders competition. I certainly wasn’t surprised when he did well. Afterwards, I spotted Jesse at the biker bar across the street from my apartment!

The massively built hunk initially comes off as a mean-mugging son of a bitch—but I like that look. So, with a confident smile, I strolled over and bought the sexy stud a drink. Once Jesse and I started talking and flirting, I realized that the dude’s tough exterior hides a charming and soft-spoken side underneath. I just had to take him home.

To be perfectly honest with you, Jesse hasn’t really left my bed all that much since then! This morning when I woke up entangled with him in my arms, I was still rock-hard from the night before. Needless to say, I was ready to go again.

Jesse slowly opened his eyes and flashed that heart-melting smile. As we swapped some saliva, I let my hand roam down his broad, tremendously muscular chest and abs. I let my fingers trace around and inside his manslit. Soaking wet already!

I was crazy about the tender, juicy, bonus hole. I couldn’t help but taste it. So good. I accelerated my fingering, causing Jesse’s frantic, needful moans to quickly increase in volume. My cock was beyond achy, so I slid it all the way inside of my gorgeous FTM wet dream cum true and filled him right up to the hilt…


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