FunSizeBoys – Damien CHAPTER 7: Dr. Wolf’s Office – Legrand Wolf, Damien Grey

In spite of his size, little Damien enjoys sports, especially soccer. He’s too small to play with the guys his own age but he’s able to join in a game with some high school boys at the local park. With his good-natured enthusiasm and infectious smile, they don’t care that he’s a few years older. Actually, most of them don’t even know. Occasionally, he gets roughed up. Last Saturday, Damien took a hard fall. By the end of the afternoon, he realized that he had seriously pulled a muscle in his groin.

Dr. Wolf determined that Damien has pulled a muscle in his groin and that a deep tissue massage is in order. Of course, it’s not long before massaging Damien’s thighs turns into an entirely different kind of massage.

The tiny patient can’t keep his hands off the bulge in Dr. Wolf’s pants and Dr. Wolf can’t keep his fingers out of the hot boy’s tight hole. Purely in the interest of getting his little patient relaxed, Dr. Wolf works his extra-large doctor dick into Damien’s chute and fucks the boy long and hard. By the time the doctor blasts a therapeutic load of cum deep into Damien’s guts, the boy is limp as a wet rag and his injury is long forgotten…


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