FunSizeBoys – Damien Grey, Legrand Wolf – Guest Bedroom


Damien may be a firecracker in bed, but he’s a handful otherwise. Even though the boys I fuck are young men, most of them still have that boyish instinctive deference for “grown ups,” as well as certain awe of my size relative to their’s. Not Damien, though. Apparently, his parents gave him an extraordinary amount of freedom from a young age, and he has always been a wild child.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s a good boy—mostly—but he’s very much his own little person. I don’t mind it, but he’s a lot to keep up with. I’ve rarely met a young man as wired up and hot for sex as Damien is. I invited him over for an overnighter and he confessed to me that he has an online sex show account.

I mean, what the hell?! He’s only just old enough to sign up. Getting deeper into it, I realized that this is not a serious potential business for him although, cute as he is, he could make some serious money if he tried. It’s just something he did on a dare because it’s another boundary to push and a more or less harmless outlet for naughty rebellion. I guess it’s better than some alternatives as far as getting into trouble goes.

So far, at least, nobody is watching him except his friends and, given his random attitude about posting content, the algorithm isn’t likely to boost his account much. Since nobody else was going to do it, I had to play “Daddy” for a minute, though, and make him swear to me that he would never, under ANY circumstances meet anybody offline, at least nobody more than a year or two older than he was, and nobody large enough to man-handle him into doing things he didn’t consent to. Of course as small as Damien is, if he obeys me, that leaves out almost everybody.

He’s so proud of himself that, when he begged me to let him film me fucking him, I couldn’t say no. The truth is that I have an exhibitionist side. myself. My dick is, well, huge! It’s amazing that I can even fit it inside of these little guys I fuck. It’s hot as hell going to town on a boy underneath me; I don’t mind having the internet watching. It turned me on even more thinking about Damien’s envious friends. I doubt most of them have even seen a dick as big as mine, much less been fucked by one.

I sent Damien off to shower and meet me in the guestroom and told him I would be there in a few minutes. I had already fucked him before we even got out of bed this morning. I’m always up for a boy’s ass when the opportunity presents itself, but I wasn’t desperate to shoot my load. It was going to take some time to work up a good second load for my boy. I was ready for a nice long fuck. If Damien wanted to put on a show for his friends, I would make it a good one.

I walked into the bedroom to find Damien already on his phone. He had apparently texted a few buddies and they were waiting for the show, no doubt already groping their little cocks in anticipation. I was in no hurry, though, and was going to take my time. Damien was in heaven having me chow down on his ass while he filmed it for his friends. Soon, I had two fingers deep in his tight hole working his prostate well.

It was time for the main event. I wondered if any of those boys watching shot their load as my fat cock slowly sunk into their friend’s tight hole. I would say Damien was putting on a good show for them; his squirming and panting was 100% authentic. I’m a lot to take, even for a boy with as much practice as he’s had.

I pumped in and out, deeply and slowly. It wasn’t long before the phone slipped out of Damien’s hand and he was once again lost in the overwhelming sensation of feeling my girth thrust far up into his little body. One thing I love about fucking Fun-sized boys is my ability to move them around and abuse their holes. With Damien on his stomach, I can bend his legs back, and trap them between my thighs. With my arms around his chest, Damien is a helpless sex toy for me to use, but Damien loves it as much as I do.

It’s too bad his friends didn’t get to see me scoop Damien up off the bed, rise up to my full 6’6” height and hold my tiny guy in my arms, riding him up and down on my pole like a fleshlight. I can only hold him up like that for so long before I have to put him back down on the bed, though. As much as I would like to just keep fucking him for hours, the time comes when my nuts are ready to breed. I figured his friends had grown tired of staring at the ceiling, listening to their friend get his ass railed, so I didn’t bother picking up the camera to show them my load dripping out of his well fucked hole.


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