FunSizeBoys – Legrand Wolf, Maxwell Dawson – Workday Distraction


I’ve known I was attracted to men for a while, but being so small makes it difficult to do much about it. I’ve been really self-conscious about my size so I don’t really have the confidence to approach other guys. They don’t show any interest in me, either, but that’s probably because I don’t really even look eighteen yet.

I never dreamed anything would happen with Mr. Stone when I went to get a massage several weeks ago. In fact, I would have probably said that I wasn’t interested if he had just immediately flirted with me. Everything changed when the massage started, though. He was leaning over me and all I could see was the massive expanse of his rippling muscles. His cock was right next to my face, almost touching my cheek and I could smell his musk and sweat.

I was already hard from the massage but I know that’s just normal. I was just overwhelmed by the intimacy of being so close to a real man’s body. Suddenly, I wanted him more than anything in the world. He was big enough to just sweep me off of my feet and do anything he wanted with me, and a few minutes later, he did, and I let him. It was amazing! Afterward, I admitted my concerns about being so small and he suggested that I should make an appointment with Dr. Wolf who is apparently a specialist in young men’s development.

I called Dr. Wolf’s office and made an appointment. When I walked into his exam room, I discovered that he was as big as Mr. Stone, maybe even taller, and very handsome. He just radiated strength and charisma. I was almost shaking with desire.

Wow! Was I surprised when he told me that Mr. Stone had mentioned that I might be coming to see him. I must have blushed bright red standing there wondering how much Mr. Stone told him. I guess it must have been everything, because I had a load of doctor cum dripping out of my hole when I left his office and he told me to make an appointment to come back.

Mr. Stone hasn’t really seemed interested in anything serious. I mean it’s not like Dr. Wolf and I are boyfriends, or something, but he definitely likes having me come over. After my second office visit, he said it wasn’t safe to keep doing that, and invited me to his place. I went over the other day. He was working but he said to hang out and he would be there soon.

I played a video game for a while in his den and then went for a walk. It was snowing out, which I like, but the wind was blowing and it was really cold so I went back in. I decided to go see if he was done with his paperwork, or maybe I could just distract him. I don’t know if he was finished, or not, but he couldn’t resist me begging for some attention.

In no time at all, I was naked and he was letting me undress him. I crawled up in his lap on his office chair and he started stretching my hole open with his fingers. I guess I’m turning into a real sex toy because that is pretty easy for me now. Of course, taking Dr. Wolf’s cock isn’t easy. That thing is huge! I don’t think I’ll ever really get used to it but I don’t care if it hurts going in. It feels so good once he starts fucking me with it.

I got on my knees and started sucking on him. I like being helpless in the hands of big men who can do what they want with me, but it also turns me on when he’s lying back letting me do what I want with his cock. I can make this big guy squirm and moan with my mouth and my hands, even if his cock is so big that it barely fits in either one. This time, though, he had a surprise for me.

I had his cock as deep in my throat as it would go, and I looked up at him to see that he had pulled out his cell phone and he was making a video of me sucking his cock. I was kind of shocked for a moment but then I realized that I didn’t care. I guess being an exhibitionist is something else that Dr. Wolf taught me about myself because it turned me on.

He had me climb up on the chair and sit down on him. He’s always a tight fit and, as much as I like him lying on top of me covering my whole small body, it’s easier if I’m in control of how fast he goes in. It never takes long to get used to him, though, and pretty soon I’m bouncing up and down on him. I figured that he would pick me up and lay me down on his desk but he didn’t. He just kept fucking me in his chair.

When he saw that I was getting tired of riding him, he took over bouncing me up and down on his cock like I didn’t weigh anything. I mean, I’m small but I do weigh 120lbs. It’s just that he’s so big and strong that it’s almost nothing to him. Pretty soon he was getting close to coming so he picked me up and laid me down on my back on the chair, grabbing my ankles and almost bending me double.

I think my favorite part of sex with him is when he gets close because he goes from just enjoying how his cock feels deep in my hole to needing to cum. Then he just turns into a grunting beast. He pounds into me harder and harder, working up a big load in his balls. Then all of his muscles go tense and his face gets red and I can feel his cock twitching up inside of me and the warm wet sensation of his cum filling my hole up.

When he finally pulled out, I could feel my hole gaping open and his cum dripping out. He was looking down at it and stuck his fingers in, like he couldn’t believe he had fucked me wide open like that. I was just laying there feeling warm and sweaty, trying to catch my breath. I started thinking, though, if he and Mr. Stone were talking about me, who else might he show that video to…


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