GayCest – Serg Shepard, Legrand Wolf – Next Steps


‘Twas New Year’s Eve day in New York City. Dr. Legrand Wolf and his long-lost, newly-discovered Ukrainian son Serg walked hand-in-hand along the bustling parkways and tourist-swarming avenues. Dr. Wolf couldn’t help but beam with pure happiness—Serg had just informed him that he would be extending his stay in New York for a few more days and then make the return trip home to Kyiv.

Truth be told, Dr. Wolf wished with all of his heart, mind, and body that his son could stay even longer. One could dream, at least. However, Serg also confessed that back in Kyiv his mother missed him so much so that at first, she was reluctant to agree when Serg told her he was staying longer. Ever the loyal son, he promised his mother that he would fly home shortly after the New Year.

As father and son enjoyed the sights of the city, along with one another’s conversation and company, Dr. Wolf had an idea: he suggested—to the blonde angel’s delight—that they spend the rest of the day at his high-rise luxury apartment on the outskirts of Central Park.

Serg completely forgot all about Times Square and tugged excitedly on his father’s coat sleeve— could they please?

Dr. Wolf leaned down and kissed his grinning cherub on the forehead. He adored it when Serg’s countenance lit up and he got excited. In fact, Dr. Wolf discreetly adjusted himself as he and Serg waited for the crosswalk light to turn green.

Mere minutes later, Serg sat on a cushy chair next to one of the large bay windows of Dr. Wolf’s luxury apartment. Overlooking the entire city from the thirty-third floor, Serg gasped in wonder when his father told him to get comfortable and enjoy the view.

Dr. Wolf chuckled to himself. After some time, it was clear that the boy’s attention and eager eyes could barely look at anything but him, which in Serg’s mind was a sight even more perfect than the sparkling sprawl of the city. The love-struck lovers murmured sweet nothings to one another and basked in the shared sexual tension.

With a surge of sheer, uncontrollable desire, Serg suddenly leapt from his seat and flung himself into his father’s big, strong, always-warm and loving arms. Dr. Wolf kissed his son deeply, holding the boy’s incredibly hot body tightly to his own.

Tongues, lips, hands, and fingers communicated all of the things that words simply could not. The bedroom was so close, and yet still too far away. The heat was hot, the compulsion to undress was impossible to resist, and the commencement of their lovemaking was too urgent to wait even another moment.

Dr. Wolf’s hands were all over his son’s body; the youngster craved his daddy’s insatiable sexual appetite. After a long, red-hot, makeout session, Serg finally dropped to his knees. The twink’s fingers trembled slightly as he unzipped Dr. Wolf’s pants. The massive DILF staff was fully engorged—pulsating in the boy’s ravishing presence. Then Serg grasped the girthy magic-pop and slurped it down. And with thoughtful, sexy precision, he massaged his daddy’s bull-sized testes at the same time.

The lucky boy memorized how the mighty, meaty shaft felt in his mouth—savoring the musky aroma of Dr. Wolf’s manhood. He barely fought off the urge to bury his face into the moaning giant’s taint and scrotum and instead inhaled deeply. Serg’s oral skills caused Dr. Wolf to sway and sigh. He gripped his son’s muscular shoulder and took a deep breath as Serg’s tongue swirled around all the precious, sensitive areas around his glistening glans.

Fact is, the dizzying, delightful pleasures forced Dr. Wolf to admit that he not only needed to sit down, but he needed his pretty blond progeny to sit down as well—on his dick! This, the happy twink did in an instant. He rose, turned the opposite direction, and then slowly sunk down, down, all the way down onto his father’s huge rod.

Thrusting upwards with fearsome lust and primal need, Dr. Wolf rammed his boy’s super-tight hole. Serg’s mind spun and his heart hammered inside his well-defined chest. He could feel his daddy’s entire fuck-iron pistoning past the deepest part of him and into anatomical realms he hadn’t known were there until now.

Suddenly, Serg spun around like a top—all the while still clenching with his tight hole—on Dr. Wolf’s cock and then drove his young tongue into the howling DILF’s mouth. He gyrated and ground even deeper onto the daddy dick, which had swollen to unprecedented girth. Serg knew his father was close.

Father and son clung to one another, sweat glistening in the afternoon sunlight that shone from the baby-blue sky outside. Serg rode that cock and realized how little time remained—how precious and profound. The boy cried out. A blissful orgasm reverberated throughout his entire being.

Seconds later, Dr. Wolf wrapped his arms around his son even tighter than ever. The boy’s mind-bending orgasm and subsequent shouts of joy were all Daddy could take. His climax sent jolts of cum that felt to both father and son like thunderous spray violently exploding out of a firehose. Father and son held on to one another tightly—wouldn’t, couldn’t let go—not for anything. Dr. Wolf and Serg finally opened their eyes and pressed their foreheads together. Words were completely unnecessary.

But if something could escape their lips, it was a four letter word that they hadn’t yet dared say—but in that moment- all they needed to do was let it be. And just feel it…


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