HungYoungBrit – Hoodie Smoking Chav

Josh goes off to make his own movie 📹
Reece looks so cute in his Blue tracksuit with hoodie and chains ⛓ hanging off – fucking sovereigns all over his hands 💍 (who even sells sovereigns anymore) – a 💯 true low class chav👟
Two sexy smoking chavs 🧢 start putting there hands down there pants and touching each other up whilst josh is filming it all- there both well Hung
That Hoodie Chav Smoking 🚬
Makes this boys 8″ Prick get HARDER and HARDER luv smile 😀 on his face as getting sucked man – You can clearly see these two like each other!
Slouching on the sofa 🛋 round our mates place
They start putting each others hands down there trackies and wanking there Big 🍆 Pricks whilst horny talking!
Joey (the model looking boy) has got such a monster dick on him – 💚 watching Reece gag on that fucker 🤤 thats 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Twink can proper deep-throat man.
Joey’s got that dirty chav bend over and side of the sofa and his getting fingered 👈 with just his bottoms slight pulled down -its fucking HOT to see mate.
Josh can’t help but feed him his dick at the same time Then that fucking handsome Joey pokes it into Reeces ares and bangs him rotten 😈 his a Fit TOP and keeps hammering that Tone white Scottish hole. Josh makes sure to get all the angles 📷 for us to watch back and it looks amazing!
I LOVE watching lads get fucked in there kit, SO SO HORNY when guys are half dressed especially the working class (thats us)
✴️ Joeys super perfect body with perfect Justin Bieber tattoos and perfect dick gets faster n faster fucking that pretty boy
😮 HUGE Amount Of Cum is shot, its everywhere and as his still coming, pokes it back to that week fucked pink raw arse😈 😈 😈
Reeces trackies are now smothered in leaking cum – ITS SUPER HOT – Had 5 wanks to it already! Def one of the best 🅱️🅱️ ever seen being shot
OMG OMG OMG – tis is SOOOOO 🔥 – all that cum is fucked inside and is pressed out side Reece’s bum and there just come everyone- u HAVE to 👀 it!
“Stick your cum right in my arse & poke it in” dirty Reece saids
Then… they ♻️ Flip Fuck♻️ – after thats Stunning model boy who just came is put on his back on a table, legs in the air and recess finger fucks him well rough – his then Bare Fucked RAW by Reece – its a proper rough fuck too – holding him by his feet he hammers away. Reece saids “im going to proper load your arse up”
😍 Pulls out, wanks for all of a moment before ***off-loading his think cum directly on joeys exposed hole*** and push’s all that spunking dick inside him creaming his hole😈
(ive jerked off to this so many times I’ve lost count) 🤯 Josh the dirty cunt then teams up with Reece to finger all the left over cum on Joeys hole RIGHT DEEP IN HIS ARSE- they are such perves 😛
That turns josh on so much he wanks his dick out and shoots THE BIGGEST LOAD EVER SEEN FROM JOSH! All over Joey too.
🤯 This Video is Mind-blowingly HORNY 🤯
All 3 lads cum, cum huge amounts!!
💬 I love Joshs ‘common as fuck’ commentary through out
Me and Josh are both from Chatham hence our low education (or should I shall No education)📣
Josh keeps going on about me telling him not to get involved (this is only because quite a few times when his been filming he puts the cam down – so you don’t get to 👀 anything – hence me telling him to Film
(which he doesn’t listen to anyway) LOL “”” Really funny, for once we get to hear Reece and Alex talk because so far they haven’t really spoken”””
(well Reece has screamed a lot)
I suppose it is hard to talk when your Duck Taped up half the time and get a Prick in your arse the other half the time) LOL
💜 But its nice to actually get to know the real them Its fun watching Josh trying to not get hard and join in as his filming
Thats never going to happen – josh can’t help himself and who can blame him 🤷‍♂️


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