JockPussy – Luke Hudson and Tyler Tanner Chapter 2

FTM knockout Luke Hudson was shy when he first met tall, gorgeous twink Tyler Tanner. But that shyness melted awfully fast!

Nowadays, Tyler is at the top of Luke’s booty call list. Once Tyler arrives at Luke’s place, they don’t even bother messing around with idle conversation. Both boys are red-hot and they know exactly what they want.

Luke and Tyler take turns sucking each other off to get things warmed up. Luke is already dripping wet and, per usual, Tyler feasts on that juicy-fruit boy hole and T-dick. Luke gives Tyler a fantastic deepthroat blowjob and makes it a point to give those tasty twink testes a good licking.

Soon, Tyler is as rock hard as he’s going to get, so Luke gets into the doggy position and loudly moans his approval when he feels that huge twink cock fill him all the way up…


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