MasonicBoys – Apprentice Land CHAPTER 5: Covenant – Logan Cross, Matthew Figata, Kristofer Weston
Apprentice Land crawled into the ceremonial room dressed in a billowing white robe which barely protected his modesty. He was plainly nervous but had a clear understanding of what was required of him, delicately removing my socks and washing my feet with erotic precision.

I instructed him to stand, before removing The Boy’s robe with the merest flick of my wrist. He became solid as I grasped his dick in the palm of my hand, then, as I unbuckled my belt and let my pants drop to the floor, he dutifully fell to his knees and began to service me.
I sat down on the bed.

The Apprentice knelt between my legs, sucking me like his young, sweet life depended on it. Long, hungry strings of saliva streamed from his mouth as he choked on my big dick. I soon had him face down on the bed with his peachy ass raised expectantly. He groaned and shivered as my tongue flickered and danced between his butt cheeks.

Master Figata, who was observing, stepped forward and pulled The Boy’s legs back towards his head. Seconds later, I had my dick deep inside the Apprentice’s tight little ass and was pounding him hard, fast, and without mercy…

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