MasonicBoys – Dex Devall, Kyler Drake – The Initiation

It feels like forever since I was initiated into The Order. I can’t really remember how it felt to be that young, innocent boy who walked into the chamber, heart pounding like crazy in my mouth, wondering what on earth I’d gotten myself into, terrified that I’d embarrass myself, or, worse still, the Master.

The only thing I’m clear about is that the experience switched a light on which has shone brightly ever since. It taught me who I was and crucially who I wanted to be. I knew that, one day, I would become a Master, and that, from that moment on, my natural dominance would flourish. I’ve always known that I’m a total top. I have the physique, the temperament and, frankly, the dick for it—and now that I’m finally a Master, nothing is going to hold me back.

Part of me felt a little sorry for Apprentice Devall as he entered the space. He had no idea how horny I was. He had no clue that my dick was already throbbing in my tight white suit pants and that jets of pre-cum were soaking into the fabric. He didn’t know how desperate I was to pound a hole after years of denying my true identity.

He entered the chamber wearing his ceremonial gown. I could tell he was anxious. His breathing was shallow and a little erratic. I knew that he’d already had experiences with Masters Patrick and Napoli. It is my absolute dream to relieve a boy of his virginity, but seeing as that ship had already sailed, the competitive side of me felt an overwhelming desire to make the Apprentice experience sensations in the act of love-making that he didn’t know he was capable of feeling. The irony, of course, was that it was me who was the first timer. This was my initiation as much as it was the boy’s.

That said, after years of being mercilessly pounded by the very best, one surely learns a few tricks about topping. Any nerves I may have had about this immediately dissipated as I caught the look of pure lust in Apprentice Devall’s eyes. He wanted me. He needed me. He was prepared to give himself over to me entirely.

It is customary to anoint an Apprentice with oil while reciting an ancient Masonic text. I felt a bolt of nerves shooting through my body as I began to speak, wondering whether I’d be able to figure it out if the words failed me. Fortunately they didn’t, and as I rubbed the warm, slippery oil into my hands, I experienced a rush of sexual energy.

Every part of him must be anointed. Every potential pleasure point is given attention in order to awaken his entire body. It is an erotic and deeply connecting experience. I was taken aback by quite how mystical and intense it all felt, my desire for him growing by the second.

I locked eyes with the beautiful Apprentice. The pre-cum began to squirt as my dick struggled to rid itself of the cruel cage of my pants. I knelt down and took great delight in anointing his loins— so slowly, so gently—until he could barely breathe. I turned him around and ran my hands over his peachy ass, wondering how quickly I could get inside it, while simultaneously knowing the art of this particular seduction was rooted in taking my sweet time. For the record, I have seldom seen such a beautiful butt.

I removed his gown, remaining fully suited while he was entirely naked, feeling every inch of his tight, smooth body. I took off my jacket and tossed it casually to the ground before pushing him to his knees and positioning him carefully on all-fours, rolling up my sleeves and massaging the oils into his butt cheeks and his back.

I soon had my tongue inside his hole. It was something I’d always wanted to try. He tasted warm and sweet as my tongue flickered and danced between his cheeks. I felt the need to remove my shirt at that point. The Apprentice needed to know that I meant business and that, very soon, I’d be inside him. I pressed my naked chest against his back and kissed his neck. The feeling of my flesh on his soft, velvety skin was heavenly.

The Apprentice’s ass began to open up for me as I returned to it with my mouth and he began to pant and groan in readiness. I unbuckled my belt and slipped my slacks off. I was now only wearing my long, body-hugging garments and a pair of socks. I pushed up against him again, savoring every inevitable moment.

The head of my cock burst out of my waistband. It desperately wanted to be inside the boy. It wanted to know how it would feel to finally drive into sweet, fresh flesh. Of course, Apprentice Devall had no idea that I was new to this, that, as I finally plunged into him, I would be starting an entirely new chapter of my life. He glanced around at the head of my dick, his eyes bulging with a mixture of excitement and surprise. I know I’m hung. I have known from a very early age, but this boy was going to be the first to know how it felt.

I pushed my garments down and my 9-inch penis jumped to attention, bobbing and swinging like it was performing some kind of crazy, courtship dance. A little oil was all I needed before I pulled him into position, lined myself up with him and entered a brand new world…

I don’t know who was more surprised—me or him. The sensation was way better than I’d expected. It felt like the Apprentice was grabbing onto every inch of my dick with his internal muscles which almost seemed to ripple up and down my shaft. I began to pump him, squatting behind him, placing an astonishing amount of pressure on my thigh muscles. He felt sensational. I felt sensational. This was the true me—finally unleashed on the world.

He took it real hard – which of course only served to make me want to go harder as he whimpered and gritted his teeth. I came super close to shooting my load on so many occasions and had to keep regulating the pace.

I rolled him onto his back so that I could look into his eyes and see for myself the effect that I was having on his sweet, innocent face. This particular position was a little complicated to get right, but it drove me utterly wild, largely because it made me feel so dominant. I was his king. His Master. I went harder and harder until I could feel the semen prickling in my balls. This was my moment—my moment to, for the first time, fuck my seed into someone. My moment to take ownership of an Apprentice. And then, just like that, I exploded. The cum flew out of me and gushed into him. The tides of ecstasy flowed through my body and ricocheted into his.

And then it was over. I am now the Master of my own destiny and the future is a very exciting prospect.

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