MasonicBoys – Ethan Tate, Tucker Barrett, Adam Snow – The Covenant

Apprentice Tate has caused quite the stir among the Masters here. When he’s called up for one of the ceremonies there’s always quite the fight to decide who’s going to officiate.

You see, boys don’t get much more perfect than Apprentice Tate. He’s conscientious, hard-working, and oh-so-sexy. He used to be quite the wild child, but we’ve all played a hand in properly training him. We like our boys to maintain elements of their natural personality so he’s still a little rebellious, but that just makes him a dream to seduce.

From the moment he crawled into the room in his ceremonial robe, I knew we were going to have fun. My dick instantly sprung to life in my suit pants and started screaming to be unleashed. I instructed the boy to wash me, looking somewhat smugly over my shoulder towards Master Snow who’d been forced to play second-fiddle to me on this occasion.

I’ll be honest: my relationship with Master Snow is complicated. A large part of me finds the man arrogant beyond words. He seems to have this sexual power over anyone he comes into contact with, which, I suspect, is triggered by an air of almost complete aloofness–and, of course, a dick the size of a small continent! But then there’s always this little part of me which is utterly drawn in by him. If I could pick any Master in the order to be with, I would, hands down and without question, choose him. Pathetic isn’t it? Life can be complicated–even when you’re a Master.

Anyway, Apprentice Tate carried out his duties to perfection. His task today was to demonstrate his servitude by washing my feet, and he did this with a deeply sensuous touch, glancing up at me from time-to-time with a seductive half smile, daring me to fall for him.

I got him to his feet and removed my suit jacket before turning to face him, running my fingers gently over the pleats in his gown and then onto his porcelain white, feather-soft skin. Our eyes never left each other. We were locked and lost in a swirling mass of sexual energy. I loosened my tie and pushed my nose against his, savoring his beautiful, sweet, youthful aroma, desperate to kiss him, but knowing that the true power lay in delaying doing so.

I stood behind the boy, carefully pulling his robe to the side to expose his ever-swelling member then removed my tie. The fabric squeaked as I pulled it from my neck and a blast of scent burst from underneath my crisp, white collar. I removed my shirt and turned to face him again. One more look into those beautiful hazel eyes was all it took to realize I couldn’t hold off from kissing him any longer. I pushed my mouth against his, so softly and gently. It felt as though a butterfly had landed on my lips.

I pulled away and fell to my knees. I couldn’t bring myself to look across at Master Snow. I knew it would be uncomfortable for him to witness a Master kneeling in front of an Apprentice, but I couldn’t help myself; Apprentice Tate’s beauty had entranced me. I stood again, slowly getting back to authority and dominance. It was utterly silent but for the sound of the boy’s breathing, which became increasingly labored as his desire for me increased.

I undid the tie on his robe and allowed the fabric to slide off his shoulders and drift to the floor as I sank to my knees. I started to suck him, taking his meat to the back of my throat and almost swallowing him whole until he was shaking in a state of ecstasy. I looked across at Master Snow. I wanted him to see what good head I gave. For some reason, at that moment, I needed him to desire me as much as he desired young Apprentice Tate.

The time had come to switch it up with the boy. I sat down on the bed expectantly. Apprentice Tate obediently fell to his knees, and gently relieved me of my underwear before starting to work his magic. The boy certainly knew how to deep throat. We have, of course, taught him well–but he has an instinct for pleasuring a man which is utterly inherent. I’ve seldom felt such a powerful rush of sexual excitement.

It felt so natural to move things onto the next stage. I lay back on the bed, pulling him with me and, within seconds, he was attempting to lower himself down onto my dick. I heard Master Snow walking towards us, then felt his hand on my cock, slowly guiding it in.

Master Snow then began to undress himself. As my dick drove in-and-out of Apprentice Tate’s tight hole, I could hear the enticing sounds of the Master removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. He was soon running his hands over Apprentice Tate’s body, forming a fist around the boy’s dick and jerking him off.

I flung the young Apprentice onto his back and Master Snow held the boy’s legs. The Apprentice groaned loudly as I reentered him. In the position we were now in, I was able to alternate my glance from the Apprentice to Master Snow. Each view seemed more erotic and beautiful than the previous one.

Apprentice Tate suddenly began to run his hands up and down Master Snow’s chest and I immediately found myself engorged by jealousy. The boy needed to be mine. His focus needed to be on me and only me. I could not allow him to be drawn in by Master Snow’s mystical charms. At that moment, something came over me and I began to bang the Apprentice like a demon possessed. He started to grunt and gasp as I flung myself in and out of him with crazed brutality. Master Snow looked up at me. I could tell he was impressed. He was so sexy with his shirt undone, his pants unzipped and the boy’s head nestling between the Master’s giant thighs.

And then Apprentice Tate was suddenly on all-fours with me pounding him from behind. Master Snow stood in front and carefully pulled his giant dick out of his pants. Of course it soon found its way into the Apprentice’s mouth but I didn’t care. Master Snow looked at me again. He smiled. I smiled back. The moment was intense. Beautiful.

I slowed down again—imagining I was pumping my big raw dick into Master Snow, imagining I was about to fire my sticky spunk into his asshole. I suddenly felt myself pounding Apprentice Tate with supreme force and realized that the semen was rising uncontrollably in my balls. Seconds later, I exploded into him. The spunk literally cascaded out of me, deep into the boy’s ass. And then, just like that, we were done.

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