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Nothing Left to Lose – Maxx Monroe, Jonah Wheeler


Ever since my nephew Maxx and I started sleeping together, he’s come up with some really clever strategies to get us out of our clothes. It seems that even doing something as innocent as playing a simple card game together winds up in the both of us being naked. Not that I’m complaining…

After losing round after round of strip poker to the hot little scamp, I was down to my underwear.

With feigned annoyance, I tore off my jockeys, threw them across the room for good measure, and plopped back down naked on the couch. Maxx leaned back in his seat with a satisfied smile and openly stared at my exposed cock like the young man-wolf he was becoming—much like his father.

As I sat on the couch, naked and waiting, Maxx suddenly hopped off his seat and made a bee-line to my crotch. Not only did the little wolf-boy love topping now, he absolutely adored giving head. And it seemed to me like he was insatiable when it came to gorging on this uncle’s thick, juicy man-meat!

Maxx bobbed madly up and down on my long, aching manhood. I couldn’t help but recall my younger days when Maxx’s father and I would do this to one another all afternoon, if we could get away with it. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined that both Maxx and his father were suckling away at my cock and balls. The thought alone nearly made me cum right there.