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Pitching The Tent – Nathan James, Tucker Barrett


There was no doubt in either of our minds that we needed to find an excuse to be alone together again. Fortunately, Scoutmaster Barrett found just that within a day of our arriving at camp, announcing to the group that he wanted a brave volunteer to go into the forest with him for a night trek. He picked me, of course…

We walked for at least two hours and pitched our tent in a clearing which smelled of pine trees. It was the moment we’d both been waiting for. I sank into his embrace. We kissed passionately.

I was fully naked within seconds. My dick was rock-solid and my legs were wide apart. I was 100% ready for him. He squatted down and started to suck me off, teasing and tempting me with his talented tongue.

He got me to turn over and I thrust my twitching ass towards him so he could eat me out. The tickly-prickly sensation of his beard brushing against my ass cheeks was mind-blowing!

I heard him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly, and, without any kind of ceremony, he pushed his big, raw dick into me. This had been a long time coming. We needed to get this first one out of our systems… then we’d have the whole night to make love at a more reserved pace.

He threw me onto my back and started pounding me pretty relentlessly. The more I yelled and gasped, the harder he seemed to get…