SayUncle Labs – Johnny Viper, Nath Latrel – Concept: Broke Studs

What’s up, SayUncle fans? We have an experiment for you that we know you will enjoy. In a world where gorgeous studs go gay for pay, we have a raunchy scene with stunning Spaniards who bend for the money! In the lovely city of Barcelona, Nath is having some trouble fending for himself and his wife. The beefy stud is broke and in debt, so he reaches out to Johnny, his hunky and loaded friend who secretly wants to have sex with him. The guy offers to pay for twelve months of his rent, but he needs an initial payment as a sign of commitment. Nath doesn’t have a penny, and he can’t ask his wife because she doesn’t know about it. Johnny asks Nath to show him his big cock and round butt and offers to forget about the first payment if Nath pounds his ass. Desperate, Nath fucks Johnny hoping his wife never learns about this.


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