ScoutBoys – Scout Zack CHAPTER 2: The Trail – Zack Dean, Adam Snow

Young Scout Zack and I walked out into the woods, barely talking, yet enjoying every moment of each other’s company. The boy is small, but rather perfectly formed. His uniform was clinging enticingly to every inch of his body.

I told him I needed a leak and was pleased when he followed me off the trail and into the trees.

Within seconds, he’d dropped to his knees and was sucking me eagerly, staring up with those big, innocent eyes as I unzipped my shirt. He stood and we kissed passionately while I aggressively kneaded the soft skin of his butt cheeks.

I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to penetrate him and spun him around, pushed him against a tree and ripped down his shorts and underwear. Within seconds I had my tongue deep inside his ass and he was gasping and groaning in anticipation.

I stood behind him, spat on my dick and began pushing in. His tight ass felt like a clamp on my cock. I grabbed his chest and squeezed him tight as I started to thrust as deep as I could inside him.

I could feel the semen rising in my balls as I started to pound him with increasing speed and power, and then, suddenly, I passed the point of no return. I’d barely managed to pull out from his ass before the spunk started to fly out of me. I squirted for what felt like an eternity. So much cum shot out! I pushed a load of it back inside him. I wanted my DNA to meld with his. I wanted this to be an encounter he’d never forget.


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